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Sawdust Starter Cups
Great fire starters for the fireplace and more ! These starter cups are great for camping , fireplaces , wood stoves, outdoor fire pits , chimineas and more . easy to light and burn consistently for approximately 15 - 20 minutes each large and 10 minutes each mini

30 Mini Sawdust Starter Cups
These Mini Sawdust Starter Cups burn for approximately 10 min each . Great for use with our Eastern Red Cedar Kindling ! Just place a few pieces of Kindling on one of these mini starter cups and light !

Shipped to your door
Price: $30.00

6 Large Sawdust Starter Cups
These Sawdust Starter Cups are made with wax and sawdust and burn for approximately 15 - 20 minutes each ! Great for fireplaces outdoor fire pits and more . These fire starters are the easiest way to light a fire, just place some kindling on lit Sawdust Starter Cup and ad wood as your fire grows !

Shipped to your door
Price: $20.00